A list with a selection of clients and projects

Below you find a list of references. For a number of projects the work carried out is described briefly.


Van Aarsen Machinefabriek, Heel
Agro Centrum B.V., Steenbergen.
Albemarle Catalyst, Amsterdam.
AKZO Nobel Coatings, Sassenheim.
AKZO Nobel-Engineering, Arnhem.
AKZO Nobel PQ Silica, Amersfoort.
AKZO Nobel Catalyst, Amsterdam.
Ankerpoort NV, Geertruidenberg.
Avebe, BU Starch & Feed, Veendam.
AZN, NV Afvalverbranding Zuid-Nederland, Moerdijk.
Barry Callebaut Nederland BV, Bussum.
Beamix Nederland BV, Eindhoven.
Ciba Specialty Chemicals BV, Maastricht.
D.E. Coffee Systems International, Utrecht.
D.E. Engineering, Joure.
Delite, Kerkrade.
Demkolec B.V., Haelen
Denkavit, Voorthuizen.
Dinnissen, Sevenum.
DMV International, Veghel.
DSM, Geleen.
Dupont Belgium, Mechelen (B).
E.Co Engineering & Consultancy, Enschede
ENCI Nederland NV, Maastricht.
EPON, Zwolle.
EPZ, Geertruidenberg.
ESI Eurosilo, Purmerend.
Eternit BV, Goor.
General Electric Plastics ABS, Amsterdam.
GEM Consultants B.V., Rotterdam.
GE Plastics/Sabic, Bergen op Zoom.
Haskoning BV, Nijmegen.
Hoogovens Technical Services, IJmuiden.
Hosokawa Micron BV, Doetinchem.
InnovatieCentrum-Overijssel, Enschede
InnovatieCentrum-Zuid Limburg, Heerlen.
Jansens en Dieperink, Zaandam
Jansen & Heuning, Groningen.
Key Technology, Beusichem.
Lafarge Gips, Delfzijl.
Lapinus Fibres, Roermond.
Meyland NV, Adegem.
Nedstaal, Alblasserdam.
Niema, Zuid Beijerland.
Oostwouder Tank- en Silobouw B.V., Anna Paulowna.
Owens Corning Veil NL BV, Apeldoorn.
Peterson, Rotterdam.
Ingenieursbureau Praxis BV, Velserbroek.
Purac Biochem BV, Gorinchem.
Rijkers International, Uden.
Rockwool Lapinus, Roermond.
Machinefabriek De Rollepaal BV, Dedemsvaart.
SCE n.v., Lichtervelde (B).
Sigma Coatings, Amsterdam.
Silowacht BV, Zwolle
Shell NL, Pernis.
Shell Global Solutions, Amsterdam.
Solvay Pharmaceuticals BV, Olst.
Solvay Pharmaceuticals BV, Weesp.
Solvay Research and Technology BV, Brussel.
Stork Ketels, Hengelo.
Targor B.V., Rozenburg.
Texplast, Arnhem.
Tioxide Europe Ltd, Billingham (UK).
Transil, Zelhem.
Triton Karton, Coevorden.
Trobas Gelatine B.V., Dongen.
Union Miniere, Balen (B).
Uniroyal Chemical, Amsterdam
Veenstra Machinefabriek b.v., Coevorden.
Veluvine BV, Breda.
Walcon Konstructies, Renswoude.
Zeepfabriek De Klok BV, Heerde.




AKZO Nobel PQ Silica, Amersfoort Evaluation of a number of silo designs for the storage of silica, based on measured bulk solid properties.

Ciba Specialty Chemicals BV, Maastricht Characterization of flow and bridging properties of Micranyl Rubine 2 BP-AQ.

Delite, Kerkrade Advice, guidance and basic design in behalf of a storage and transport system for sugar.

NUON Power Buggenum (Demkolec) B.V Characterization of fly ash in connection with discharge problems. Followed by a study into possibilities of aeration to avoid these problems.

Denkavit, Voorthuizen Prevention of silo quaking in different round silos by making use of intermediate hoppers, causing relieve of silo stresses. Geometry design for a screw feeder preventing flooding through equal drawdown.

DMV International, Veghel Characterization of flow properties and deaeration behaviour of different kinds of milk sugar and milk powder.

EPON, Zwolle Characterization of properties of wood dust, and analyses of flow problems.

GEM Consultants B.V., Rotterdam For the storage of sand pellets at a water cleaning installation the optimum silo geometry was determined. For this the wall friction on raw and smooth concrete were measured and model tests were carried out to determine the proper hopper angle and opening diameter.

GE Plastics ABS, Amsterdam Research into the cause of flow problems with Resin silos. Basic design for the improvement of the silo installation.

GE Plastics/Sabic, Bergen op Zoom Determination of the influence of several conditions on the flow behaviour of BPA-flakes. Measurement of wall friction, internal friction and bridging properties of the most decisive kind of BPA- flakes. Calculation of mass flow angle and the requiered opening for optimization of storage conditions and operation of pneumatic transport.

Hosokawa Micron BV, Doetinchem Constructive calculation for a stainless steel silo with an intermediate hopper.

InnovatieCentrum-Overijssel, Enschede In the scope of the HACCP a number of silos for flour were designed in such a way, that mass flow will occur.

InnovatieCentrum-Zuid Limburg, Heerlen Determination of the flow rate of sand and gravel from storage bins.

Jansens & Dieperink, Zaandam Measurement of properties of plastics in connection with occurring silo stresses in blending silos.

Lapinus Fibres, Roermond Characterization of flow behaviour of several products, as to determine a bin geometry, causing a minimum of problems with storage and feeding.

Machinefabriek De Rollepaal BV Determination of a, for flow and bridging, optimal geometry for a weigh bin for PVC powders with several limestone percentages.

Nedstaal, Alblasserdam Determination of the cause of flow problems in an existing silo, and support with engineering of alterations.

PURAC Biochem BV, Gorinchem Determination of hopper angle and minimum opening diameter, and testing of attrition and wear of wall material for storage in a silo.

Stork Ketels, Hengelo Evaluation of day bins for coal, taking into account moisture content, time consolidation and the feeder used.

Targor BV, Rozenburg Research into the possibility of mass flow for silos containing polypropylene.

Texplast, Arnhem Analysis in relation to a hopper dryer for recycled PET flakes concerning mass flow.

Transil, Zelhem Several structural calculations for silo cell blocks with corrugated walls.

Trobas Gelatine BV, Dongen In behalf of process optimization was investigated if the raw material used can be stored in silos. In a tight co-operation with Trobas measurements, modeltests and practice tests were carried out, where practical experence of Trobas has played an important rol. A relative simple silo geometry proved suitable.

Veenstra Machinefabriek b.v., Coevorden Determination of possible loads on a deflection cone and a fluidisation bottom, and constructive calculation of both.

Soap factory De Klok BV, Heerde Characterization of flow properties of four raw produce and determination of mass flow angle for different wall materials.