Equipment selection

Independent advice for the selection of bulk solids equipment

Equipment selection,Independent advice for the selection of bulk solids equipment

Compared to liquids and gases, bulk solids present many more problems in processes. That is why it is important to choose the right equipment. BSE can help you decide which equipment that is.

Unique production process

On the market, all kinds of equipment are advised as best for your situation, often supported by references of similar products or situations. However, the combination of your process and product is unique. Sometimes the equipment is not suitable for your situation. And even if it works, other equipment might have been better and cheaper.


Equipment for bulk materials must not only be suitable, but also efficient. Therefore, BSE bases its equipment selection on knowledge of the behaviour and relevant properties of the product.

Performance guarantee

Sometimes suppliers cannot live up to the guarantee they give for proper functioning. A wrong choice can be costly for you too, for example due to a delay in production. And because BSE is independent of suppliers, you can be sure that only your interests come first.